The Fernandez Family in alaska


Welcome to the window into our world. This is the homepage for the

Fernandezs: Medo, Barbara, & Ethan.

    We live in North Pole, about 15 miles southeast of Fairbanks. The area is known as the Tanana Valley; the Tanana River runs through it, and the Chena River runs through Fairbanks proper. We are 400 miles from the next town of any substance. It is a sportsman's paradise, with hunting and fishing galore, as well as hiking, skiing, off roading, dog mushing, and snowmobiling, to name a few.


Welcome to the final frontier; to the land of

the midnight sun.

It is a rare day indeed when we do not witness  the spender of Gods country. Whether its the Northern Lights, a moose in the backyard, or a herd of caribou blocking the road, every days unique.